The facilities of the company are located in an area of 42,000  square meters that includes an industrial building of 2,500 square meters, an office building and storage areas.

Machinery and equipment in the factory include gang saw, oven for application of resin in slabs, slab polishing line, mono blade, bridge cutter and biological cleaning.

The rational processing of the marble blocks and the advanced know-how and technology used, allow P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A. to produce finished products of high quality with speed, accuracy and reliability.

In 2018, there is underway an investment plan for the expansion of the company’s facilities. Upon completion of this plan, together with the expected increase in quarry’s output, P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A. will be able to more than double on its present production capacity. More specifically, a new industrial building with area of 3,500 square meters will be built adjacent to the existent building and it will be equipped with new and modern machinery such as a gang saw and an automated line for the slab resin procedure. Also, another floor will be added to the office building.

There are currently 25 people working in the factory and offices of the company.