The company P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A., with the distinctive brand name LYDIA STONE, started its operation in 2007. The CEO, Mr. Pavlos Giannakopoulos, who has been present in some of the largest Greek companies of the marble sector since 1987, decided to utilize his experience and proceed with the establishment of a company and factory to provide marble cutting and processing services. 

The factory is located on the 14th km of Drama-Kavala Nat. Road and is equipped with new machinery of advanced technology that enhance the high quality and precision processing of our products with speed and efficiency. In 2014, the company, realizing the importance of privately owned raw material in order to become self-sufficient, moved on with the acquirement of a quarry.

During summer of 2017 P. GIANNAKOPOULOS SA started mining activities in the privately owned white marble quarry at PYRGOI, Drama, Greece.

The company’s facilities cover a plot of 42 acres, which includes a factory building with an area of 2,500 sq.m., office buildings and storage space.

The mechanical equipment of the factory includes a trowel for cutting marble (crate), abrasive tiles, oven for plating tiles, single wire, milling machine and biological cleaning.

The exploitation of bulk marbles and modern cutting and processing techniques, in P. GIANAKOPOULOS SA to produce high quality finished products with speed, accuracy and reliability.

In 2018, an investment program is underway to expand the company’s facilities. With the completion of the program, and the expected increase in the production of the quarry, P. GIANNAKOPOULOS SA will more than double its production capacity. More specifically, the construction of a factory building with an area of ​​3,500 sq.m. right next to the existing factory, which will be equipped with the purchase and installation of new and modern machinery, such as crate and automated series of marble slab coating. The offices will also be expanded with the addition of one more floor.

The factory and offices of the company employ 25 people.


The company has a large processing plant with many sub-departments for the production of floor tiles, cladding tiles, marble tiles, rock face pebbles and art objects.