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The company P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A., using also the trade-name LYDIA STONE, started its operations in 2007. The major shareholder, Mr. Pavlos Giannakopoulos, after an extended presence in the biggest Greek marble companies since 1987, decided to take advantage of his experience and to establish a factory for cutting and processing of marble.

The factory was built in the 14th km. of Drama – Kavala road in Greece, and it was equipped with new machinery of cutting edge technology that allowed the production of high quality products with speed and efficiency.

In 2014, the company realized the importance and the need for availability of raw materials, in order to be able to support the production capacity of its factory, and it started on the research, purchase and licensing procedures for a quarry. Therefore, in the summer of 2017, P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A. was able to begin mining activities at its own white marble quarry, located in the PIRGON area of Drama county.

With the start of the quarry, P. GIANNAKOPOULOS S.A. became a fully integrated company, with privately owned quarry and factory, while at the same time it is developing an international sales network through direct contacts with potential clients and through participation in major marble exhibitions abroad.

The goal of the company is to become a reliable supplier of high quality marble products in the international market through continuous investments, maximum utilization of raw materials and use of experienced staff, respecting at the same time the natural environment and following strict safety rules during all stages of production.